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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  July 27, 2010 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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good eve i'alan ise the cyantioch to of in the stat cingierc
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t. s ago the city provedos votersecide h tax. >> rep cabrera is worr a to raise ta antioch as is t ise few usinesses . door there ar say can't storeronts. reflection of econ maal es. w, business fear city counc a es taxse on the mber ballot wi away eir remaining customers. >> i to actual cos custom pay andine,. we need to do this ter: butcil me marthahe sales hey way to to ci serv l
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li st 25% of taxable re c ai off1 people. >> reporrent gets less than enny cuent 25 tax. advocates clai money would go sentls. the price high. >> this rying balance their bue hele. reporter: iprove e in novem d have the x ontra costa co l p havg antraakes go elsep. muyin a tub paste it will me two tra nger city for te ofh pte? it jus make se prov it woulst effect for years. marithe agenda in the city
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the number of dispensar thei sayt ish f richf risshat ght to oakland. happyy ve recognize the of the patients. our patien i rhmon can'y get to oaandy oth vaous vaous d nothe fwardo e theents >> oakland i n fit cize ale mmeral cultivion. the tyedoday t license four dical marijuan be own,dprocessed. e ft beimit in will b heavily taxed andeguled. su canna farms jobs and bring ofarto the city. ponents war willut
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smalmari busine and l they st ght, cil ted p measure on te ballot th as ownersay a $3 annual parce fou yrs rs have toppro the a thismajori. eem to g to amut wh >> a dollar a wit bsolutely. as i'm hhre coff i catc thmease ke i the ba unless tolice officer's unio a contribuiral toenrhe next reeosng e r th ci. the un on plany mi a > senon r killi youngo girl last ater a attack. he twoafter
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mur s quentin. tonight the vict say the nly made it easier drer killed ught ory w vic lee. >> reps say edward s bed half a d times te frank sosa, co e spokesman s sosas cled a a metajected shioned to to ap k >>ep july, s waured t ife for kiing end to4o d through a cr n motorcrunk last into victims. aaron suor amputate hiight leg. >> it is j molence folled b vionce. shaferchanged our
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orev e havious drunke conditions. he and s kill we 200inmas recreationd priso s crimes. d stood wa wasn abl anyte actaw mr. sosar. behi >>rted bbullets as other er diein was sentenced seembemurdering man af icycle in san jose shafsent a e-mail aimi son had been beat andauntf's le ith il awaitingnsfero san e at dutie yor, watch ill get yourn prison
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antime, aaron eels no ssfacon f wh h re tes ws eanslay. i' wa eas geg like thut in the probably uld have difficult e spent hisife prison. repwas the firs muqutin 1 years. w, srr wed us a e to min coty sin heroncever he son's safeon. cled sheriff's of they't returned bc 7. central, now,wo f destroyi th most destructi ahchap. the fire afrnooand qukl more r 150 stru threat e no
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oyed si homes. re also for of a juvenile off e. >>y fer policy magaz mach tells staff therebe t innd inok as much as i n wromhen can' this perioot ban easy geal which isin itly stages being treated agessily ama has republicans to ts illions ofrsf fuing r th in istan and democr e staging a to op wa ut o t. >> w up, ameri wiki re o ntgave u92,0 he wa. it to b
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monea, lingf ican police ofcerso liceicers af he costf this are nd t en t hou voted on war f demoatted toan three tis ma decrat outgain fo the war d they to even aft last dithe esident to vo. th trps have the resou ty t are to nesonal curi u just hear msive c is hing impact o. 7 pol report markplai if ret forns ting president o the $58 ouldave ed. this mort a okey the rst he bgest enceeak history, tryit down >>
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t fac th n't real a issues th haeady e orter:ut t thhist bl wik leaks he ed mixesone civilian b uble crossed isi, t intellly pakistan. today argres w oolsinst the funding favor of pulling troo isn. >> we eg defits ch tates in blood easu. theis war are too en blood treasure ter: and itwasn't just wosey d o. evy bay dem er of cong voted againsing
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except for pleasaan jerry ny who supportedteli o dinot est pl sowupport for the warats is do 3. among republs that is big a ago. tholar, demoat leader engine vote in a way that t thg th w haves the on the floo o the ves out ld b in afd wried wihee o thesdocuntshat that precipitate debate ill makee ake coit will make crats look r: so today th te in e ho res waorgaze unre used naming postor passg bi are muohat deba thawas eime
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the ll p lotf republ b can t thwhpes this is the las of this uhe novemb elecons. in tewsatthews, abc 7 ght. ri ican afghan trooer firin ndarovince. an intenseef fgh toet tthis tuesnight. a 9-year flyiom sfup and regone of amer busiest guns awn who got tate fair sacramento. ty no wil we h tomo ologt sa mi. i'll l you coming . > us, ug
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i owou t car that made national hto the newsl
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[ female aouncer ] jobs leaving. a budget disaster. california on the brink. jerry brown's plan? you run for office and e assumption is, oh, i know what to do. yo don't. i didn't have a plan for california. [ female announcer ] with our ate in crisis, we need a governor with alan. you need a real pla something i'll acknowledge i did not hav [ female announcer ] jerry bro. no plan then. no pn now. meg whitman. a plan for jobs. log on. learn more.
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san e th ll tee snag. ficials want me to owny onn a's b prosed p f lectn t if one i ed aysy leaders sidethe qu cisi on allot s to by au settlingtf amen ton a egt ran through theste fair has been shill. it was part
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y athe steair. th is see animsing bor the unloed f iler when it th rrie morebc 7's nticli. >> r livestock nuery tate fr onef i the kids. tod eaby born ort looking for endedion this mornin was her. as daviswere unloa e pregnt cow sheroke loe to fair ground shwerebl hern the nen she broke fr a she nt fhe police trapped f t on rged the barrica wed the ck and a police officer and haice
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but the cow ng everything rea t and a ed dick schneid was also says he gre on not ve bhot, muc ot 11s. i said wu get nd put a rope t and doarn and was no is usmaybnot e wasated th veterinarian uc davis ere and told o shoo a shooter dn't hbody. 11 tthou neces norman but didn't know shoot e nogra >> police an ve totranow anquiler
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relyid ly. > ll, iteds a fetting abouing h nada ni-yeareed was supposed tnesn chicago an arrived was ten t f children travel e airle le there forre sed his fl makes tpr six time yea its time b hi hometta anhi fahere. ddition to the apology united has offd $100 fee itrges for t airport ch center orologist sand e e filly weat he >> ltle re bright i' just t hi f know. wil kp ming >>an you will be in foht? >>es, so e ve tbeh right place ime this i summer ti foru. we deal withure
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at lclou and is the typicae ttern ase look san ancirey orhea nottycal, o theyav g cooler by anywhere0o locat is go- that g change as we hea towds e enof t wk. ght no in e 50 an stting rm at e cot and alread artito mein over the our highli clouds wi ad wl in t valleys tonight. land wednesd st. en lking w dr your thurs f is aft an overcast se area this is w g gl e su a milday the bay anhe reas fornear ast,venhoug w ju whours l circulation ulled thmari lom the
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toda t itingback is ing h oueas. easureust f e cot habeenur on e de this tomorrow mornins low mos out tomorrow we are going a allower marineing ns less intr ll and tha earlierng d sk hea towards thursd friday. was coming. numbin the see theststar in the morning a by on, it is in the south bay. antalarand n jo. entlan ts loss gas0 degrees. t much chang toratus sila to stilin t coo an fncis 64egre bay,osa,
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anb thenapa. oakland 66 degree area fairfield, pittsbhe upper 70s but y should b in t 8 to w s. where should be butunny arourey ba in a cruz. 79 in n hill. the accuweather se cast. difference bet the inland. going with low 80s inlan low 60s at beaches anotf today. d to upper 80s for y thursday so w there. low he coastline andhenekend we to stay in rae. not to rme geing closer. anrly nex we n ch cnge expeed >> aanks a stil ahd, te sal find thatedup aot leasure tro
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at logy gathering i jos as dlain tha is whe he pr of its ng-ac th . eporter: there the ele a hybrvehi nes e cvolt. itled tag at theplugin 2010nce. $41,000 for thelecic edertate costillop
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0. charges20-volt current and ew lls and whistl >> sndaren navi of onstarions andonnections. ter: dealers a this yr. e le bring car $2000 ldrompsome buy hink twicerids. on ithe ultima t why detocut technoe min n for the fure. >> rorte industry lea ize meriverry ab limited r ano 10mile a d the volt g s withhea s po gener >> for those t g as ge
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lf there are and you dion f dfere folks. >> r companies armoviith chations. has en u th develogin ca years. what she sees expoives her hope to int. onas people that they are hereilab and n day aoncept, not justn aplia regular all the do sides. >> the bayey areaoridnd e rs and we be ong first del th volt awh thear rele end t ar. david uie, scope o bega expement of the art parkingeter highech meter just the after gath data for t years, thes
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charifferent dingdema. the thing abou th tak editdebit card as t w emina for mcust myselfau we meters, o rs and on meters ave prices r om 50 cents tour up to $18 din spec events. >>when at 9:00 continues on of the musl unit e racial practs th h peop > al, un ants leavings stats cow law about be place. >>anreives a teatengr di
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go will start this il rights or fbi ethic profiling. ey s bura new map ttarg muslim communityay a ruestothe internal documents. er tlsmore t eporte mos onnciscore elinth of a new ogm thritiy coection about muslim a ang
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behaviorsltural traditns a act ealltse cause ople g sca comth mosque. repesn't believe undeve actuall filtradut virganatioy thovert operation isaklace ac countr >> tbeen present a communitys,ng hoolts whe sml childr unrcov vena is an attornlaw ucusn safr isnvestigating d aints fromople l isemenam no want to beed. he saysn h mett restaurantroced themlvess and himtoenin eqntlyisit. >> i dco you know b i feele i'm l losg s o
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in a y time theyme ty a new withhem he fsays sce 11, dersit calls ting terrorism the bureau deniesfiling. man spokesman s we ar enforc responsible g crimes as a great that use collect infor inister ororte butb dr owners of cor orng uafend di e wasting re ing the very thatld cri reat n sllinn y aerics. again, the fb ing its d
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ons nstition rhts. thisntrorsy o ongresonal ector of t mulr, t in t ne caroline tyr, a > a all eastern bras ton a hiring ag erty tolleg. han two waake eff g nce ll s city in i efee. the ba i y afr t ffec rajudgst tonight, u ny working i this cres g the state or hi . e s from ab 7's bill ir. repter: driven going in arizat. more vacan apartmen mo ems. more disappearim
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ol. on wanto separ ly.>>eporr: i eparents their jas anth sts. th vid i mandat ging id bew eorcent pr act ar g their commun chec lights, travel in een remove tathocosary beads from t mirrors, all better to oiduspicion. law sriguez undocumentedother brought him age 6 tells all theeighbors poweto e they are tee deport >>atrols de americans re sure timin deca anger is teand while this law may deterrent, it
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ightening to eady s been inoenix without p for 14t says now h wa thes so tas leaves soon can. >> my kidser and now toack to mexi. repteou say so the personu break th bei this untr >> il tell that not makeee. >> i didn't commit any ong by being andalf anco mamily ter: his j hing while acinfor , ab7 p e working to d clean up majo pillightn igan. mo th of oil pour ins d eamazoo river gan om a ne y
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machine carly visible fror. tharries llons of oil a fronta canada. the causef t s under inved the to how longe l spilf gered a reco e coanyoste second ssof $ market value dropp sie thspil ga apl. in the ton taxits based on the $32 sa it the dister th mea $1ightave gone interal vernnt'sll inead d to bp's costs by hird. metime trel assoat wnto se $500 millia rketg re tourists the gulf coast.
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annowhingou bout e new b sts ow of bis inash eceipts. more on th fi by an oakla orter:hopps aleceipt buyingomet enro fod the amountpa 000 gre inked food liners and bab bottles. theed gnts ke feway and th fensas handing out r e ar no ye could comerough the skin this is expos we ttention to considing atcdc da th have n ourody. >>eporked heher inclingdark -- receipo
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ermal paper. >> sincethe g nateed pe o on finge >>l says ain w a absorbe h th the group citer said the chem fe. >> l fro itern ic bodies that conclua is safe us >>paes le and rgetand nk of aricams alse a ee till want bmo ill continue watch al good. k to >> much try not ask fo recpts then. >> rokinat datatal working group t handeis
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orep. in their body srameo, n 7 n up nt, d threats in your box all ur f wants you d ight . > 7 on your side's with asturng scamu should u ge pl epe cod rellsh gove every
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man o e-ma toin thre it-mai could n b up wt to repte wking her c w e-mail thated ion. it de m beat a lile bit faster. a little bit orte che mail. >> t heaeoneou call frie want u ad. it tk mytt . orter: and i on. your g to within ten days. thsend a hitma an my boys track yohabo will want yy all
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toring you. now, do yo le or todon't tlany one for $3,000 now a wi b sp he outsid once bo who feelrrib for be a hing op a read e is withmernd says ioney a for quickh. still, it e has never >> tng thing for any one f it is shouay out w they a deman it as certe death t that will d demand even more money. debra knew it fake. she wasn't w a cour ve atore foreniors. she is c some could in. >> i havevastation of too
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mho have thoughgoing to larso they s sav sen you know mat a to e people are taking adva of th and a reat isnvolved that is too much. it isptable. >> reportepond to these kinds of-mails eve if t to withor think y them becauseld be on a suct and the nds of uld on on. o these do report a link ou we s i'm finney, 7 side rfeit co united kingding a heavy o poat themint may get rid of them together and rthe coin tofaith in . lion counterfeicoins in k lakes. the .
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e in36 is a forgery. small bu the bigges because do t refund the . frankli and con rice have in commoct re boral ♪♪♪♪ he queen of the rmer secretary d in a join conce ght in philadelphi s fund fonnerity youth and aimed at eir love of music. rice is a class pianist and iedn who sang her om her next album be re this what is state the country? >> i d we are lazy. hey should r e that work lea
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so ask a neighbor about state farm then call an agent at 1-800-state-farm oro online. a fresno the ckpot. a set ofves he at age sale appea l adams raphs, 65 of t rt of the believede b destroyed his
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national park studio. adam que ten but a of rts determined n fact taken byhe fames ph truction worker bo 5. are now least . >>d that on, i got littl weak! >> st thour lotto i think it i i bition of th photlanned tober at fre . d there is a d works their story. okay. let'back to sandhya patel to take a look a this weather been and how much more im were youll it anovement, call it a warm-up. it is comi th those that lrmer similar to
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in the 70s and 80s. l areas the 74 64san francisco. mid d. tting up to abou an arourey bay, 66 santa cru in asonably cool agai tomo changes works for your thu friday. that is when temperatures up id upper 8 rang the fher. tharmt willarti arinla forhe sum usualperatures continue tomor >> to the laziest s y. accoin business gasur virvey oked an analyze yea d tim and socieems that you coul theate
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ana the big easy. >> we e ou think abo mae we re >> lts nown s the survey h all foo thela listylarpositivespec of l c o weor less? i think that maer o op necessarily we think sof use ti ffertly. g to business week averan ends his tim just hours 45es a day. now, thaompares253 s for in mi asame thi place. calire n o list, nice tow. beil's ha surprishey n't up th >> w leading nation tha category.
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the spor if eak down we are e league as k you got to games and worki ising. >> giants anug it tter's streake
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p on abc 7 n aya city aum on massages and frighteni ofr with a bear. that is ahour
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on cs over channel 7. now, on and orts. big loss in spor >> really fory that tatum spent h him. the the passedy. ted heartat in ho d nine seasohe ers. he h beeninr health in years a ampu dia befo w worng the nfl the l unifm thatob here on back 1996. >> i think whae tryimakeat the guys assional on e fihat thook tv ge so d onv. ma it rofessional ga. >> with moreplaying his legacy, he is mike smadnst tatum back in '70s. >> goi the makes
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th. o the foot he helmet. pin stra one lmets the toledo. >> reptum roamed the se the oakland raider to assin, receivers g ov th mid kwing that e an rey kn. ou t ou d slant n set ou sa o ke a in there, bud yu gohead. >> reporwas part ays with the itrenchy fua rankis' immalateon. s mostbed fo his hiunaty razed e reiver jait i
9:57 pm
hospital after rs turne awa >> it wa unftuna got hit and the anybody. jackidn' the y and d ceer. jack shoe hall of fame andt if thegatives th he is hall of f becaparticular pl >> off tck was a q asy going gu ld talk anybo the here he is the ty gu that -- onll field it's al business. look a hasis g leave him alonether you know. r: jack was ig heart a will be misse >>n the co. , loved we respe all teammaer ball players and thro the ole league. ter: the raiders asedatement theirlencesg tatum a true raiderpion and true raider o baseballw. ey kee problem to at lea foawhi was at
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ting also. laun ofbs agaiane. josh johnson t. y exndin to 20 single. aubreyhey. wnsecond. giants were cody ross takg ka w t. o-n sh andied at dus. h gh dp. aloha. two homerun 3-3 the 8th and juanscling ith uribe's of ar go on tby a count-4. how about els. nolaryan loinr most of looked rero wh a doue nzal ku sngle. s lo annin againscent
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by. f lee throwi struck o car ll get nothing likit. f wes. good night, ver drive ohm safe isup what might be celrati sayingthe hist of sromceland's pron. a goneex oto. t the ey have fshin isdous. direct to you y, i even how you do that. tenalized unsp c >> because it fun is it f now. thanks we


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